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Technology is changing the way we look at real estate. But even as many real estate companies gain access to new tools and software, they struggle to capture their full capabilities and utilize them effectively across their practice. Too often, the benefits do not meet expectations. 

We believe that success in automation requires more than just great technology.  We collaborate with you on an end-to-end automation journey that begins by breaking down each daily task, identifying bottlenecks, and creating custom-tailored solutions to enhance your workflows.

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Data integration

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Today, we have access to more data than we've ever had before. We can easily and affordably track information about all aspects of our business — web traffic, market segmentation, customer profiles, and much more. The question is not how much data you have, rather, what you do with data. We help you transform data into workflows efficiencies.

Over the years, we've helped companies revolutionize the way they look at data. This has resulted in increased capacity to take on new engagements, reduce overhead, allow for lower cost/ higher volume engagements. Less time entering data allows your staff more time to analyze that data, which leads to better quality deliverables for your clients. Below is a few examples of how we help our customers.

API Data Integration 

We work with dozens of data providers to integrate real estate market data with your existing work flows, eliminating manual data entry. Get time back on your team's calendar to focus on what's important.

Budget forecasts

Gain trust with your investors. We use statistical regression analysis, combined with current market trends to analyze your cash flows and accurately forecast future revenues, expenses, & more.

Web scraping

Transform the internet into your personal database. Automate repetitive web searches & collect data from anywhere on the internet. Market data, leads, competitors, listings, sales, trends, and more... we can help!

SOftware automation

We help you unlock the full potential of the software you currently use. Our team builds automation solutions that allow different programs to work together, cutting down manual entry and automating repetitive tasks.

Data visualization 

Boost your deliverables and save time with our data visualization services. We generate polished, didactic charts & graphs from historic property data, market reports, and demographic statistics.

profitability tracking 

Aggregate time expectations & commitment per engagement and track cost/productivity. Our tools are built into the programs you use, the days of manual hour entry are over.

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Software solutions

Skycap Realty is pleased to introduce SkySuite™, a business intelligence software that reinvents the way you use Microsoft Excel. Save time and effort creating models and reports with this cutting edge software.

Report automation

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Client onboarding can be time-consuming, tedious task. Every client has different wants & needs that are reflected in the deliverable. Analysts spend dozens of hours setting up new models, customizing them for specific clients, then entering the corresponding data. Upper management needs to then spend hours reviewing the models for errors and the cycle continues. 

We help you make your models and templates more dynamic, adaptable, & reliable. Our team deconstructs your deliverables, identifies synergies, and combines them into intuitive solutions. 

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